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Read on to learn everything you need to know about dating in 2013.

The basics

Dating is a chance to meet new people and see where it goes. As long as it’s done right, dating can be fun and rewarding. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips for the modern dating scene:

If he wants to kiss you, he’ll ask, and you can say yes or no

Dating apps are being more and more prevalent, but they’re not a requirement for dating. If a guy likes you and wants to date you, he’ll ask you out—or he’ll just ask you for a drink, or he’ll start a conversation with you, or he’ll try to kiss you. Any of these things—even if the guy is far away and you’ve only met him once or twice—are a dating invitation. Whether you answer or not is totally up to you—but if you feel like he’s a good match, then by all means, start kissing.

If you don’t date, then you don’t ask out a guy

No, no, no—don’t miss out on a guy just because you don’t want to. Just because you don’t feel interested in a guy doesn’t mean he won’t love and respect you for a year or two or ten years. So if you don’t feel like pursuing a guy, ask your best friend or roommate to ask him out on your behalf. That way, you can just concentrate on your other priorities.

Everyone has busy days

A lot of people have a hard time meeting people, but if they’re busy, they could be on the lookout for someone new. No one is perfect, so don’t assume that they should be. If you want to, say that you’re looking for someone who’s available to meet you for a date, but don’t put so much pressure on yourself if a guy is busy. Sure, if he claims he’s completely taken by a football game, keep smiling—but don’t wait for him to commit to you if he doesn’t.

Dating sites are great for meeting people, but only when it’s appropriate

Dating sites like can be a great way to meet people. Just remember that there are various rules that need to be followed—and that you must be careful about what you post on your profile. This is because even if you think that a guy is totally cute, he probably isn’t
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Before You Begin

Your Friend: The Dating Expert

There’s this misconception that dating is like a video game. You take a few minutes to create your character (if you want to—I’m not judging) then you step into the arena and fight for the affections of the object of your desire. The thing is, though, relationships aren’t that simple: There are lots of transitions that can take place over the course of the first date, so if you want to get to know someone as a real person, you may have to take some time to digest what your date is saying.

Dater goes on a first date? Take a deep breath, friend. If you’re anything like me, you’ve had a few first dates and you’re not sure what the point is anymore. In these cases, I find it best to take a step back. Ask yourself a few questions—like how much do you remember, and at what point should you start to dig for more details? For instance, if your date is making promises about how he’ll take you on a cruise or wants to meet your family, you should be asking for specifics. By doing so, you’re getting the first tentative answer to the question “Is he serious? Are these promises something he would do?”

While there’s nothing wrong with the fact that you may have no memory of a first date, it’s always worth asking these questions. Odds are, if you’re wondering how you know that he’s for real, it’s because he’s letting you know that he is.

Your date tells you where they’re from? It might sound crazy, but this is a great opportunity to learn about someone’s family history and find out what kind of experience they’ve had in relationships. If a date is only telling you about their job or where they were on the day of September 11, that’s when you know to start digging for more.

Take Your Time

If you do end up going on a date with someone, spending a few minutes digesting what they’ve told you on the date and figuring out if it’s a good match is important. It’s easy to fall in


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