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Avoiding awkward and embarrassing encounters is certainly not an easy task, and so this is our guide to dating with confidence. In the sections below, we’ll outline why you should not use online dating sites, the top cities for meeting new people, and important differences between online dating and real life that you should be aware of.

How to Meet People in Real Life

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If you’re looking for a long-term relationship or even just a good time, there’s no reason to use online dating sites. In fact, you may not meet people via online dating sites if you know how to be selective.

In this guide to meeting people in real life, we’ll also look at the types of things to consider when picking someone up. You know what they say: Let your friends do the choosing, not you.

Why not using online dating?

Online dating is trendy right now, with sites like OkCupid having a huge presence on Facebook and Twitter. And who doesn’t want to find love on Facebook, where you can scope out potential partners based on who they’ve “liked” and who commented on their status updates? Obviously the term “spam” has come to mean anything that pops up on your Facebook or Twitter feed, but this includes anything ranging from the mundane (a pin about the cute name of your favorite dog) to the sexual (a pornographic site). So you’ve seen the people you’ve met online marry or begin a committed relationship, and the people who haven’t are perhaps avoiding potential discomfort by staying away.

Here are some reasons not to use online dating sites:

1) You’re not good looking enough

First and foremost, you shouldn’t use online dating because you don’t look like everyone else—the prettiest people on a dating site are the people who have been “like” or “liked” by others.

“Pictures are hugely important,” says Kelly Cournoyer, the dating coach and “Ask Kelly” columnist at “It shows you’re just a nice, normal person,” she continues. “Because you’re a creep if you only look at [the ‘hot’ group]. They’re in the minority.”

So yes, you need to be pretty, but if you’re not, don’t be afraid to say so. People with natural beauty will always outnumber those who have spent a fortune on their appearance. A beauty blog reported that ”
Quick tip:

If you’re really nervous about going out, you might want to check out the At-Home Date Checklist.

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Not so much a modern dating guide as a quick-start guide to modern dating, this checklist focuses on the biggest challenges and pitfalls of going on dates—and what you can do to overcome them.


Most of the advice in this guide can be summed up in three words: be selective, be confident, be ready to pull out all the stops. If you want to have a great night out, you’ve got to take the time to do a little homework. Pick your goal, and execute.

The goal: A healthy, steady relationship.

The Date Checklist: Selective Shopping

You can find anything online these days, but that’s not what you want to find. Below is a list of places where you can get a date where great conversation is the goal—not just a night of sex or a funny date.

1. Chances are, if you’re someone who goes on dates, you’re someone who cares about the other person, and does your homework.

The Date Checklist: Reading a Book

The book you’re reading must be a book you’ve read before, something you both enjoy, and something that will inspire the kind of conversation you want to have. If you’re seeing a woman of a different race than you, try to find books that bring you together.

2. If you’re looking for a one-time fling, don’t go into a bar or a club.

The Date Checklist: Picking Up Other People

Sure, it can be easy to start a conversation when there’s hundreds of other people around you, but if you want to attract the woman of your dreams, this is a terrible idea. Do what the rest of the world does: pick a restaurant and order your food, or at least order drinks.

3. It’s not the best night to be touching her, especially if you’re wearing a suit.

The Date Checklist: Appealing to Her Body

Women are generally more open to bolder clothing, so be sure to avoid items that make you look like a perv. You want to be able to hold a conversation


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