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The main window of the program is divided into several sections:
– left – menu of a computer used for automated operation;
– central – lists of equipment and its components;
– the right – a form of management of equipment.
The central panel contains the list of components of equipment which have not been installed yet. The parts with “temporary” status (in use) are specified in a tray on the list of equipment.
User have to press next button on the equipment, which is convenient for an organization of a structure of the account in accordance with the business process and wants to perform automated management in it.
The database, which you create during the first start up of the application, will allow you to specify necessary information for the equipment in the lists.
You can fill in the cells with any data that you need, and then immediately create the corresponding account at the beginning of the next operation. You can also select to print the account – the list of equipment stored in the memory and the list of the equipment with its components. You can transfer the data between the lists using filters and the edit functions.
When executing your action, you can use three special buttons in the program. The first is the “Next” or “Instalment”, the second is “Skip”, and the last is the “Report” function.
The first two are very useful in the work. The first one will allow you to make additional checks on the equipment at the main window of the program, and the second will skip the equipment, if all the boxes “Skip” in a list or equipment are checked.
In addition to the main window, the program has a section of the history of the component and the equipment, which is very convenient if there is interest in the cyclic monitoring of the given quantity of a given equipment. This section shows the dates, failures, warranty periods, number of used components, etc.
The program has a complete set of functions, which will allow you to make easily, for example:
– to detect the equipment with the “system failure” – such data are displayed on the list;
– to display a list of only “Removable hardware and software components” – if the user selects the check box of the list item “Product Removable Component;”
– to select a certain type of software for the equipment – of several types of software;
– to display the list of the equipment only “In Use”;
– to display a list of the “Balance Bill”

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1. Data logging of various technical equipment (AS/400, workstations, servers, etc.) on one
2. SQL – based database.
3. The database is designed for easy navigating to separate areas of the account (new computers, the list of components, the list of defects, of removable devices (hard disks, tape drives, printers, etc.) and many others).
4. Data export: as a CSV file, to any formats (MS Excel, HTML, Data, dBase, etc.).
5. Usage of Windows Explorer for file navigation.
6. Module manager to manage using and the support of modules of the program.
7. Possibility to enter and modify information about the components (price, component type, serial no., equipment number, etc.), the defects (attribute, model, date of defect, details, etc.) and the warranty (date and condition).
8. Automatic updating of the record of each found defect.
9. Import of data from the program to other database systems (MS Access, etc.).
10. Import of the data from the database to several types of spreadsheets (Excel, HTML, etc.).
11. Possibility to manually make changes to the record (change model/spares, make corrections, new defects, etc.).
12. Possibility to search a report or a defect by any attribute.
13. Possibility to connect to any database server through LAN or network, to update records.
14. High speed (up to 100,000 queries per second).
15. Easy working.
16. Autostart of the program at the startup.
17. Easy to learn to use.
18. Easy to maintain.
19. Scalability (memory, CPU, etc.).
20. Automated creation of the support documentation.
21. Saves data for backup in any format (CSV, HTML, dBase, etc.).
22. Easy to implement.
23. Maintains original file structure of the records of the database.
24. Supports all the Microsoft operating systems.
25. Supports Microsoft Access 2000 (database engine), SQL Server 2000 and Oracle (SQL).
26. Possibility to make the record of support information.
27. Resilient to ensure usability, availability and security of data.
28. Single-user mode with program’s protection against manipulation of data (multiple users).
29. Multiple support users.
30. Possibility

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First of all the basic rule is in organizing a separate list corresponding to each of the account forms. The given factor provide you with the possibility to manage the accounting of the equipment in the organizations of any complexity and by the account forms. As a rule, using the Hi-Tech Manager you will create the companies on your discretion and will compile a separate list of equipment.
The accounting in given factor is divided into the separate, simple and special lists. For a detailed control you are able to create a list of special elements which permits to build a program of pre-set values (price, deliver, etc). Special lists can contain an index of the company, the technical equipment, characteristic and other data.
Using an obligatory interface of program, you can create a list of inspection events, status of technical equipment, the accounting of warranty of technical equipment and also the list of the valid warranty period of this equipment.
Also, the program offers you the opportunity to merge several lists into a universal one and to analyze the structure of the list on your discretion.
System Requirements:
A program for working with the automated data is intended for use on computers with Windows 8/7/XP/2000/2003/ME/2000, with installed Microsoft Access 2000 and above.
The version of the program package, which is offered on the site, will be available to download. It is important that the target PC supports at least the installed Windows (for example 2000) and Microsoft Access 2000 and above (directly installed in system folder (installation directory) or in c:\program files (x86)\microsoft access 2000).
To install Hi-Tech Manager, you will need Administrator and Power Start rights.
During the installation process, the main window of the program will be automatically displayed.
Alternatively, the executable file can be installed in the folder %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Microsoft\Access\MYSQL\Components (if there is an existing account database in the file access.mdb). After the installation of program, you will need to create a connection to the database by using the database name “mysql” and the corresponding database file access.mdb (for installation in the directory mentioned above).
By the way, if you do not know the installation directory and do not have a database file access.mdb, you can copy the above-mentioned file access.mdb from a different computer which is working with Access 2000 database.
An important drawback of the Hi-Tech Manager program is

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Hi-Tech Manager is a visual inventory manager, that allows to automate your inventory process. With Hi-Tech Manager, you have easy access to all your customer equipment inventories and workflows. Using the easy-to-use interface, you can manage existing customers’ equipment inventories and workflows as well as create new customers’ equipment inventories and workflows in less than 30 seconds. In addition to providing inventory management features, Hi-Tech Manager offers full customer service. From ordering parts and warranty claims, to requesting parts and parts orders, all customer service workflows can be managed in the software. You’ll find out more about how to get started managing your inventories with Hi-Tech Manager in our free software download and help article.
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