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Mytown247 is an idea born out of frustration, ease of access, and some really bored kids. I needed to go to one website, where I could find everything I need. I needed a site where all my questions or searches can be answered in one go. Imagine a website where you can search for events in your town (hence the name mytown247) or any town you find yourself in during family or business trips…. But, also a website that would inform me in advance whether the flea market I want to visit, will accept bank cards or whether I should stop at the ATM teller beforehand.

As a business person myself, I also needed a site where individuals could list their skills which supplement their income. I needed info on the little entrepreneur in my neighborhood taking care of gardens or walking the dogs.  The individual beehive removers or snake handlers should also add their services here because I need the comfort of knowing I only have to visit one site to find the closest “lifesaver”. When I do find my 3 “lifesaver” snake handlers, I would like to see, at a quick glance, which one would be a close match to what I am looking for, whether it is price or service.

A Community Built on trust

One thing that this website is not, is a platform to bad-mouth individuals or businesses. The rating system will be based on stars and not lengthy “I said, you said” battles. Reason being that your comfort point for the price might be way higher or lower than mine.  This website is for the individual, entrepreneur, small business, and big corporations, but it is definitely also for the end-user to make their searches easier.

Yes, I do realize that a lot of these searches are available, but are their one site to get everything? From a business perspective, could your business afford not to pay R100 annually and miss out on the opportunity that customers can find you and your service or products on a site for your town specifically.


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