Free Download Software Jam Digital Masjid __HOT__

Free Download Software Jam Digital Masjid __HOT__

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Free Download Software Jam Digital Masjid

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Cari Jadwal Shalat Digital di Tanjung Jabung Timur??

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Column Count decreases when click in another table

I have a dynamic table generated in PHP which is working fine and I am binding an object to it as a datasource. I have an id field that I am populating dynamically through a group of foreach loop. When I select an id and click on delete button in that table, it is removing me from the main table. When I click in another table that has dynamic rows I am removed from that table as well. My first table has been getting deleted when I click in other table. How should I make sure that other table id, which is being bound to the objects in the first table, doesn’t get removed when click in another table?
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