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This month the last day of Ramadan is Eid al-Fitr. During this day there is going to be a beautiful Eid greeting for you.
This month the last day of Ramadan is Eid al-Fitr. During this day there is going to be a beautiful Eid greeting for you.
The first verse says this, “Allah creates beautiful things on the earth in a beautiful manner, and so He will.”
Allah, “o, the Owner of the Universe, is the Lord of all the worlds, and He has created everything on the earth in a beautiful manner. He created the earth in a beautiful manner and created all living beings in a beautiful manner.
It is He who sent down The Qur’an which guides to the truth. And there is no dua which can be stated more in the yearning of the heart.
Allah, the Lord of the world, is the Creator of everything in an amazing way. He created the world in a beautiful manner and created all living beings.

The Above Show The Wonderful One Of The Month of Eid Mubarak In August 2017.

How to wear a headscarf on the day of Eid in Dubai

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There’s a lot of symbolism against the background of the Muslim religion, and the hijab is one of them.
Over the recent years there has been some kind of a battle between the veiling women (and sometimes the veil is too much), and I’m sorry to say some of them are even supported by the government. But before this issue we have the headscarf itself.
This video (and the pictures ) will take on the ones who try to influence the way people are dressing, to give more power to the headscarf.
As a general advice, in the Islamic religion there are some religious rulings that people must follow, and if it comes with the issues like this, one very important thing will be losing self-confidence and it’s also important to understand these times can be confusing.
Instead of stressing so much about these rules, it could be better to take pride and confidence in your religion.
In one of the most religious and beautiful days of the year, we decided to find out what does it mean, and what’s the true purpose when

Kitaab (In Urdu) Mujahid (Ngram) Movie (Bollywood Full Movie).

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