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No one starts out perfect: If you think you’re perfectly qualified for the job of dating someone, you probably aren’t. If you don’t feel the need to change much about yourself in order to get what you want out of a relationship, you might be a little bit of a charmer and that can make a big difference.

Think, first and foremost, about what you want out of the dating game and work to do better than others in order to reach your goal. For example, if you’re looking to get serious with someone, you might have to date a lot of people in order to find the one. Treat every date as a chance to make an impression and have fun—you’re not in a sales convention, so don’t come across as pushy or phony. (Seriously, if you’re the sort of person who shies away from meeting anyone new, you’re probably shooting yourself in the foot in the dating department. Making new friends is a big part of having a fulfilling life.)

What does this mean for guys?

It’s true that in modern society women still outnumber men when it comes to the workplace. But the way we treat each other has changed, and treating women like objects is frowned upon. Men still exist in a world of females, but society gives them more benefits. So don’t treat women like objects: Yes, this means being attentive and respectful and treating them as equals, but it also means appreciating the additional opportunities women have and not treating them like dum-dums who can’t do math (or do math right).

Okay, if this is all too intimidating and daunting, what do I do?

A lot of people will say that dating is a numbers game and you need to see what’s out there and then narrow down your search. Once you’ve done that, you’re essentially looking for a match, so if you find one that appeals to you, you should pay attention to that person for a while in order to see if he’s someone you would be happy to spend some time with.

If you’re a good catch, you can establish a relationship with someone without a lot of awkwardness. The downside is that if you’re looking for true love, it may take more time than you’d prefer.

First-Time Dating

Get to know someone. If you’ve already met a guy or girl online, you can get to know someone over several in-person meetings. There is a fine line
There is no perfect way to date. You can’t absolutely ensure that he is gorgeous, that she is sweet and funny, and that you will connect on an intimate level that makes you say “I love you.” However, as long as you go in with the right mindset (you’re going to have fun!) and are armed with the right conversation topics, you’re well on your way to success.

[That’s what she said…on the way to success.]

The right mind-set

Start by welcoming any criticisms or comments. Whether they’re about your looks, your age, or your personality, it’s important to be open to honest feedback. Rehearse your answers to common criticisms, be ready with a winning comeback, and you’ll be well-equipped to handle almost any criticism, even the mean-spirited ones, which can be a good thing since every dating person on earth can be judgmental about something.

And if you get too many of the same comments, you can change your style to avoid this annoying pattern. A good rule of thumb is to occasionally switch the order of your clothes. On a date, the woman should wear the dressier outfit, and you should go with something less-restrictive. If everyone is remarking on how pretty you look in that dress, go to dinner in jeans and a T-shirt. On the flip side, if your date is endlessly complimenting you on your jeans, go to a dressy bar and change into your Sunday best. If he is flirting with a cute girl and doesn’t pay attention to you, go to a crowded restaurant and sit in a secluded corner. You want to rise above the superficial talk.

So if criticism bothers you, just remind yourself that you don’t need to defend yourself or justify yourself, you just need to overcome it in a good way. The most important part of dating is to take a step back and enjoy yourself. Look forward to what’s to come, not back at your previous partners. The number one way to improve your dating life is to enjoy yourself, so stop worrying about what others will think of you, and stop worrying about whether or not you are good enough. You are worthy of dating. You’re pretty great, in fact, and you should pat yourself on the back and realize how great you are every once in a while.

On the other hand, if you’re running a little out of steam in a relationship, you can always look


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