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The Keymacro 3.3 application can record ANY KEY on your keyboard. You can record all the special characters, function keys, window/deskop keys, whatever you can think of.
As the name Keymacro suggests it is a program to allow you to make macros on your keyboard. You can make macros that do just about anything on your keyboard, such as typing in words, copy/paste what you want, and many many more things.
All macros you make can be recorded, and can be played back (such as when you press Alt+F4) or saved.
You can even make macros that come off and on whenever a certain key is pressed on the keyboard. This would be for example if you wanted to lock your system in case the keypad is broken.
It is possible to make a keystroke on your keyboard take no input, no command and even no keyboard output.
Example: You type in your username and password in windows, and if it is correct you want to know when you do a specific key on your keyboard, such as the Enter key. If you want a macro to take no input, no command or keyboard output, you could do something like this:
:** Enter
:*** Wait a second
:* Use your macro. This macro will not work unless you type in your username/password.
I have been a Mac user for about 5 years now. This program is very handy. I have had my MAC for about 1 year now, and used this program a lot, i don’t know why i didn’t thought of it before now. This program is definitely worth the price of the download.
Example of some of the keyboard macros i have made:
After 2 mouse clicks: ^C^C
After 10 minutes: “Logout:” (hardware, turn it off)

Fingerprinting Mac Nicks The StickyMouse application was developed to be a small lockdown program. Just type in a password and remember it! and click ‘lock’. The mouse will be stuck on the dialog box, and there is now way to do anything on your system without typing in your password to unlock it.

Sample Mac OS X Mac Library Components Application Help Files The Library Components application is the library manager for Mac OS X. It stores and organizes all the information you use in your software. A complete list of Library Components components can be viewed below. About Mac OS X Library Components The Mac OS 384a16bd22

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Using the KEYMACRO, you can import keys from a file or from an object.
You can sign, decrypt or verify any object stored in PGP or PGP OpenPGP.
key import Description:
You can import keys from a file or from an object using the key import tool.
Using this application, you can create keys, import keys and verify signatures.
You can also sign and decrypt objects.
Using the object import tool, you can import keys into a PGP object (DataPacket, Message, Object, Directory or File).
the KEYMACRO is an open source program written in Java. It is also a Java PGP library.
The application offers encryption, decryption, authentication, signature, key, file import, object import, public / private key creation, key generation, key management and key exchange.
NOTE: The Application works only on Windows.
NOTE: The Application works only on Windows.
Simple LISP Library for PGP
Download: Simple PGP Library
Simple PGP is an open source Java library written in Java. 
The library provides all the functionalities of PGP and OpenPGP.
Using this application you can encrypt, decrypt, sign, verify, import, export, public key creation, key generation, key management, key exchange, file import, object import, file export, signature, encrypt, decrypt and verify.
Simple PGP is an open source program written in Java. 
It is also a Java PGP library.
The application is a POP3 PGP application.
It is an API for working with PGP and OpenPGP.
Using this application you can encrypt, decrypt, sign, verify, import, export, public key creation, key generation, key management, key exchange, file import, object import, file export, signature, encrypt, decrypt and verify


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