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KeyMacro is an application that provides simple and comprehensive management of macros for Windows. It can be used for macros that execute various Windows commands or macros that can be used to perform various functions for the entire system.
KeyMacro comes with a wizard-based interface which guides you through the key combination creation process. It lets you define macros for specific tasks such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and XP commands. Macros can be easily added to the program and the interface lets you edit, view and execute them.
KeyMacro also provides an opportunity to copy, edit and organize the existing macros. The tool also supports the creation of macros based on the user’s specific needs. KeyMacro lets you start using macros on your own.
The most useful features of KeyMacro
The major highlight of the tool is the option to make macros using the hot keys of the mouse. You can create macros for Windows and different applications such as the calculator, contact manager, PowerPoint and many others.
The ability to define and add macros also lets you execute Windows commands such as start, stop, pause and resume Windows processes, or switch between applications.
The key combination creation interface also lets you create macros using the windows, in which you can execute a command. This is a very simple way to create Macros.
Other useful features of KeyMacro include the ability to organize macros into tabs, sort, add keywords, copy, edit and delete them.
KeyMacro is a simple and comprehensive tool that helps you manage macros, save hot keys and apply them to the desired activities. This is an excellent tool for Windows users.
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Takumar K. Ramana-dhavendiran

Keymacro allows a remote administrator to monitor all running processes of the current logged-in user. If a program requests too much system resources, you can simply kill it and the job is done.
A practical example would be a process that is constantly running but does not provide any value to the end-user, such as old scheduled tasks. If the end-user is not logged-on, the process will be stopped without affecting the current operation of the computer.

Open Source Numerical Linear Algebra Library

This program performs the steps necessary for finding a solution to a linear equation, like A x = b or Ax = b. This is not a direct solve program.
A direct solve program is for solving A x = b where A and b are specified.
This program uses LU decomposition which is a sparse, approximate solution of linear systems.

Does NOT solve

For convenience, this program uses the Intel MKL LAPACK library. This is an older library which has been replaced by MKL (Accelerate). This program does NOT use that library.

Numerical Toolbox

Numerical Toolbox is an application programming interface (API) for 3D vector and matrix math routines for C/C++, Delphi, Visual Basic, Microsoft.NET, Java, and C#. Numerical Toolbox supports modern scientific computing and it is easy to use.

One of the key features of Numerical Toolbox is a clear and concise API which doesn’t give you a big code base to maintain. You can change one line of code and have everything working, without the need to go through large libraries. The API supports many different objects (matrices, linear algebra, vectors, etc.), so Numerical Toolbox is easy to integrate into any application.

The API consists of several programming packages:
XTKMath – Package to perform the most common operations in linear algebra, like determinant and matrix inversion, QR decomposition, LU decomposition, and Singular Value Decomposition.
XTKLinAlg – Package to perform calculations on vectors and matrices and also to deal with arrays of vectors or matrices.
XTKVector – Package to perform calculations with vectors (addition, subtraction, scalar multiplication, dot product, cross product, length, modulus, and exponentiation


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