17 best dating apps of 2017

Read on for advice on navigating the modern dating scene and learn about the different ways to find someone special online.

1. Social networking tools and apps can get you close to potential love interests, but you may also end up on a literal—or figurative—fast track to a date. Some dating apps are targeted specifically to people who want to find a relationship, and others are geared more toward meeting people for sex. Learn more about them below:


OkCupid is free to use, and very easy to navigate, with the app’s goal being to “connect people like you with people like them.” The app asks questions that help you describe your ideal match, and then present you with plenty of potential matches according to those qualities. Once you find a match—and you can find matches based on location, relationship status, and your sexual orientation (but not on the political or religious beliefs)—you can interact with them through the app and message them via text, email, or even if they are online.

You can also pay for a premium membership for extra features, like the ability to see responses to your messages, as well as viewing your matches without having to wait for them to view them. (AskMen)


The home of the “modern-day matchmaker,” Hinge aims to put users “in touch with an unlimited pool of single and available people in just about any city,” according to the company’s website. Hinge users can search for a date by relationship status, location, gender, age, body type, and, to be more specific, their own photos. Potential matches are rated, based on compatibility, and you can send messages to potential dates you like. Hinge also offers daily match-up emails and a monthly “Closest Matches” email with your potential dates.

The Best is Hinge

Like OkCupid, Hinge is free to use, and easy to use. When you sign up, you are asked to enter in your Facebook info, so the app can find out a lot about you. Like OkCupid, it features plenty of useful filters for you to narrow down your search to a specific category of person. (AskMen)


Match’s tagline is “Find someone awesome and it only takes a few minutes.” And it’s pretty easy to use: you can choose from a wide variety of interests and attributes, including politics, religion, age range,

1. Do your research: Find out what you’re looking for.

One of the first things people do before they go on a date is get down to the business of research, which is a shame, considering the amount of time and energy it’ll take to figure out what you want. If you’re an introvert, you’ll need to do it alone. If you’re an extrovert, you’ll probably want to do it with people you like. (Sometimes “like” means “with friends” or “with family.”)

If you don’t want to deal with the challenge of self-discovery, just go to,, or some other online dating site. (Note: While these are online dating sites, they all provide a mailing list that you can use for anything, and there’s a good chance someone you know is on any of these.)

Just plug your criteria into the filter—age range, weight range, height range, location. Then narrow it down as far as you can. If you’re still having trouble, you’ll need to start getting to know people a little better before you can determine whether you want to pursue them.

If you know what you want, this step is relatively simple: just get comfortable with the idea of talking to a lot of people. If you are talking to a lot of people you don’t know well, it’s easy to feel like an idiot. All it takes is practice. Do it for a couple of weeks. Someone you talk to twice or three times a week is considered average; talk to 20-30 people that way before you start feeling like you need to make an appointment with your shrink.

2. Shake it off.

Once you’ve found a few people you like, give them a shot. Make eye contact. Show interest. Ask them what they like to do. Tell them something about yourself. Don’t be afraid to talk to anyone. For example, you can ask whether they’d like to hang out with friends or go out and try a new restaurant.

If you’re talking to someone you like, smile. If you smile often, people will know you’re interested. If you smile occasionally, they’ll know you are comfortable with yourself, and they’ll respond in kind. If you smile seldom or never, they’ll wonder what the hell you’re up to.

3. Don’t take too long to decide.


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